Innovation. Everywhere, everyday.

Our innovation training and facilitation services are designed for individuals and organizations who are tired of talking about innovation theory.

A “culture of innovation” means that people are innovating across the organization — regardless of role.

We equip you with tools to make innovation part of the way you work everyday.


It's an incubator, not a classroom!


Tools to learn, teach, and get work done.


Sometimes you just want a solution.

Innovation in a Box removes three major obstacles to making innovation the way you work.



"I'm not creative"

Innovation mythology is full of stories of lone geniuses, eureka moments, and dream teams creating inspired breakthroughs.


"I don't know how"

People aren't stupid - they know why innovation is important in theory, but are often unclear about where and how to start.


"I don't have time"

People want to learn, but training can feel like a waste of time - especially if learners don't see how the content applies to their work.



Equip real teams

Most innovation is accomplished by individuals and groups — real teams — seeking breakthroughs to "everyday" challenges.

We help teams across the organization develop the confidence and competence to be innovation practitioners. 


provide useful tools

We've developed a structured process and a flexible suite of tools (the i5 Process) that can be applied to a wide range of problems and opportunities. 

Participants are both committed and able to choose and apply the right tools — putting them to use on the job the next day.


do REAL work

People learn best on the job, so instead of case studies we do real work. 

Our classrooms are innovation incubators, where participants learn by applying the i5 Process to their own current work challenges and opportunities.


Rooted in research and more than ten years of fieldwork, we teach users the i5 Process and Tools so they're able to self-facilitate innovation conversations, meetings, and projects — from identification to implementation. 

People learn best by doing real work:
Applying useful tools to real challenges.


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